At least 3 times a day we indulge in a love affair with our mouths. The relationship is purely anatomic.

Wait. Time out. Minus the innuendo.

What I’m safely trying to say is, we eat for taste.

Don’t lie. We do.

At lunch or the dinner table, no one raves over beets, tofu or pumpkin. Artichoke hearts won’t be today’s special in any restaurant on the planet! Okra? Forget about it! Turnips would never make Team Vegan. A demotion to the practice squad? Maybe.

And while I’m being brutally honesty, it would take a culinary, power-god to convince anyone for a second helping of eggplant…or what about rutabaga? Hell to the No! I don’t care if it’s prepared anyway deemed palatable. But make no mistake! I absolutely love a plant based diet! Not the above mentioned plants, but I should be open to give any unpopular veg or fruit I’m…

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