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– We abstain from the consumption of animal meat as well as animal byproducts to preserve our health, environment and the lives of all land, air and sea dwelling animals.

– We are well developed as a global community (through the advances in agriculture) to sustain the planet’s occupants without animal farming for human consumption.

– We’ve learned that increases in animal farming pose substantial environmental risks of air quality (pollutants) and exposes humans to contaminants (pathogens) that affect populous mortality rates by illness and disease.

– We know inhumane practice of farming livestock occurs more than what is reported. Abuse and neglect are not the only violations of animal husbandry. Livestock are exposed to unnatural methods of reproduction (artificial assimilation); therefore, industrializing them through chemical manipulation to produce more milk than normal production. Hormonally induced cows has become a standard practice. Since 1993, FDA approved synthetic hormones (rBGH or…

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