Welcome to the ApocaLips! – Book Promo

Welcome to the ApocaLips!


In case you haven’t noticed we are experiencing the erosion of our moral fiber…
I know my fellow bloggers/followers typically come for the recipes; [and I do have a tasty pumpkin-swirl cheesecake coming at you soon] but today I wanted to share and promote a book. But not just any book. This book is gritty, raw and highlights the uncompromising nature of humanity.

Book Title: ApocaLips: Palace of Exile (Inspired by True Life Events)
Author: S.B. Williams
Author Description:  S.B. Williams is an artist born Dec. 1973, living somewhere in Pennsylvania, still writing.

ISBN-10: 1524555274
ISBN-13: 978-1524555276

Book Description:
“If you were to record your verbal transactions, every casual and intimate conversational exchange to be reviewed at the end of the day, what self-discoveries would you make? There is an art form in reflection. It provides a mirror for both objective and subjective analysis.
ApocaLips is the communicative implosion of the human species. It is a beautifully horrific, awfully realistic descent into our hell on earth; unearthing the traits of human character simply by listening.
ApocaLips exposes the psychological scars, the scabs, then savagely tears them away, revealing what lies beneath our speech. It uncovers the schismatic existence heard in dialogue on a subway train, in private settings, at work, conversation in passing, social groups, telephone or online networks.
The excerpts here are a five-year compilation of spoken exchanges, monologues that provide a brief glimpse into the daily lives of our human family. These voices are raw, gritty, explicit, crude, unpolished, fragmented and hauntingly teetering along the edge—free.
Welcome to the festering truths, the miraculous lies, shaping, altering our conscience, clothing the soul. This book breaks nearly all-literary and grammatical rules, in an attempt to show how our lives are connected, woven into a social fabric. Are we truly freethinking beings with the gift of choice or sorrowfully victimized human products, enslaved to an environment of limited selection? Are we progressing only with time, and not human interaction?
This Palace of Exile shows that even in our truest moments, we can be walking contradictions. In an age of vast technology, where the speed and methods of communicating has improved immensely, this book bares our flaws. Left naked, what we correspond still surrenders to a “Babel” we’ve created on Earth. Often we find ourselves damaged or broken, seldom unscathed by our life nightmares. In the end, ApocaLips is a hope to make mankind better, by revealing what we are and soon becoming.”

Final thoughts:
“Ignorance has diseased these people for so long, a cure would be useless.” – S.B. Williams 03/31/97
Don’t continue to be a statistic… Open your minds. Expand your knowledge. Become aware. Communicate effectively. Remember: Ignorance is Not bliss…it is just ignorance. – Jess Williams.

Explicit Content (18+)
The content of this book does not reflect the opinions and views of the author.


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Love. Restaurant Review – Morimoto Phila. – Quality Time

Friday – Love.
I wanted to talk about my weekend a bit. Schools out for summer so the children spent the week visiting family which meant Seth and I had Friday night all to ourselves. The perfect night for a Date night!
Relationship Advice
To my fellow readers continue to date your spouse, significant other, husband/wife or partner. Don’t allow your life and relationships to become stagnant or stale. Don’t settle for the monotony of the day to day. You and your relationship(s) are better than just ‘going through the motions.’ Keep that passion that brought you together. I love my husband intensely everything about him – his great mind and intellect, smile, friendship, his heart, I love the way he looks at me, love our conversation. We have Passion. Loyalty. Trust. Devotion. Friendship etc. 🙂 Okay okay I’ll spare you all of my mushy loving thoughts about my hubby. Before we go get a room…I’ll just get back to my original thoughts as I’m googly eyed and can easily get lost in my thoughts. So please go out on Dates, Flirt, show affection towards each other, talk – it’s so important to converse with one another keep an open dialogue, Respect Each Other. Love each other the same way you have since day one.

So about Friday night…
It’s nice to live so close to a big city, Philadelphia, if you’ve read my ‘Cheesesteak’ post than you’ve already read some things about the great city of brotherly love. My husband and I love dining in the city. There’s something about dressing to the ‘nines’ and going out that excites me. The ambiance and great service of an upscale restaurant along with good company and good vegan food, its perfection. Yes good Vegan Food – it’s wonderful that most of the more upscale restaurants very easily accommodate a vegan diet these days. A quick ‘shout out’ to R2L one of my favs – 500 feet above the city on the 37th floor of Two Liberty place boasts an amazing view of the city, love it at night. Or how about Vedge – Upscale and all Vegan – I love beautiful food.
Restaurant Review – Morimoto: 723 Chestnut St. Philadelphia. PA 19107
This Friday night we dined at Morimoto. Yes, that would be Iron Chef Morimoto’s restaurant. 🙂 This restaurant has an open atmosphere, it didn’t exactly have that intimate feel but still has the ambient lighting. Speaking of lighting… the table light seemed a bit phallic-like or more similar to a vibrator.. :-/ (sorry for the honesty) but in hindsight I’m sure the idea was to maybe express something similar to an adult lava lamp. The waves along the walls had an oceanic feel, which paired well with the Japanese menu. Contemporary and sleek with Stephen Starr’s name written all over it. We love and have eaten at most of Stephen Starr’s restaurants. While at Morimoto’s we sampled several items from the menu – I always get multiple items to provide a proper and fair review upon my first time visiting, plus I love vegan food!
Hot Appetizer: “Edamame – Fresh Soybeans with Sea Salt” (Pictured below)
Noodles: “Cha-Soba – Chilled Green Tea noodles with chopped scallions, fresh wasabi and dashi-shoyu sauce for dipping.”
Soup: “Yasai Ramen – Vegetarian broth, rice noodle, Japanese vegetables.” Our server was gracious enough to let us know that one of the components of the soup (eggplant) was fried in the same fryer with the fish. We opted to have ours without the eggplant.
(Pictured below)
IMG_6793 Entrée: “Ishi Yaki Bop – Rice dish prepared at our table in a hot river stone bowl” – we subbed the meat protein with tofu. (Pictured below)
IMG_6796 (2)
Vegetarian Rolls: Seasonal Vegetable Maki.

Overall each dish was seasoned perfectly, the flavors were fresh and bold – the veggies and ginger really popped. The portions served were very filling and the presentations were beautiful. All the moving parts of the restaurant from the host to the server were cohesive. The service was superb and I will definitely dine here again.

My cousin celebrated her 30th Anniversary on Saturday, so beautiful. I love to see the longevity and pure happiness. Her eyes still light up when she talks about her husband still. 🙂

With the kids back home – we missed them dearly so we spent some quality time together this day. I love making a big breakfast – I made cinnamon toast. 🙂 We enjoy playing family games together Jasmine chose Scattegories. I always get very competitive against Seth especially. He’s so damn smart and kicked our arse of course. So afterwards I challenged him to a game of cards, I always beat him at cards. Hehe.