Brownies and a Birthday!

Birthday Brownies!

Basic Brownie Recipe here.

Celebrating and so thankful for another year! What a blessing to have my family – husband, children including my two little monkeys (Brody & Beanie). Thankful also for school and this blog too, so blessed to have the opportunity to express my passion and reach so many people.


Seth went to grab his brownie and dropped it right on his chickpeas and rice, oops! 🙂

I had an easy going day today and made some easy going brownies. Instead of a cake I decided on brownies because they are so quick and easy – 20 minutes. Same recipe as my brownies with salted caramel except today without the caramel. Also, I did not have the chocolate chips, however, what girl doesn’t have a chocolate bar on hand? Instead of the chocolate chips I chopped up 7 squares from a chocolate bar, delicious!
That is the best thing about these recipes you can interchange ingredients and easily create something new! Enjoy!



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