Liebster Award!

Liebster Award
This past week I was nominated twice by Comments Below and also by No Harm; No Waste. Thank you so much Giovanna and Cheryl for the nomination, I’m truly honored and humbled. Check out their awesome blogs: No Harm; No Waste – Zero Waste what a concept right. As wasteful as we are in the country and world – check out her blog for tips and ways to live more environmentally friendly. Comments Below – Reviews food/restaurants, movies, etc. by way of different forms of media. Bonus for me…maybe a little selfish, however, I can tell that Giovanna is local to me by the restaurant reviews. 🙂 so that is a plus for me! I get to discover new places locally that I didn’t previously know about.

Let’s get the show on the road!…I’m going to answer both sets of the 10 questions.

One- Thank the nominator
Two- Display award in post
Three- Nominate 10 other bloggers
Four- Answer the 10 questions

  1. If you could be any age for a day what age would you be and why?
    25 – The genesis of a new chapter in my life…the year I met my soul-mate and true love. A truly magical age. Plus Mid 20’s – not too old or too young…there was nothing I hated about 25 🙂
  2. Name one skill you’ll love to acquire and why.
    Learning to play an instrument. Why? – I absolutely love music and to have the skill and ability to create some of the beautiful sounds that I love…man, what a good feeling that would be.
  3. Name three words that you absolutely cannot stand.
    Ignorance is Bliss… I know I know you meant three words – well technically these are three words that just happen to create a phrase that I cannot stand. Why? – Well as I mention in my ‘About’ – Ignorance is Ignorance…So why choose to lack knowledge and information? Knowledge is Power.
  4. Name one weird thing that you used to believe as a child.
    Monsters Demons live under my bed. [Ever run and jump onto your bed so they wouldn’t grab your feet? Lol]
  5. What is your favorite genre of music?
    Whoa Whoa Whoa…One? Let’s not get crazy now, lol! I love music all kinds: Alternative/Rock; Electronica/Drum & Bass/Ambient/Club/House/Trip Hop; Jazz; Inspirational; Latin; Pop; HipHop; R&B; Reggae, etc.
  6. If you could have any superpower what would it be?
    Invisibility. Oh…to be a fly on the wall. 🙂
  7. Name one thing you cannot leave your house without.
    Damn…I hate to say it. Don’t make me say it… Okay geez… My phone. 😦 but not for the reasons you may think, because I have left my phone at home many many times and it’s no big deal. But I’m always thinking of and getting inspired to create new recipes. I like to have my phone handy because I’m always taking notes when I’m out and about. Plus, I read a lot – articles, blogs, recipes, surf the web. Ugh… Phone – Guilty!
  8. What is your favorite food seasoning?
    Salt and Pepper. A little goes a long way in just bringing out the natural flavors of a food. Simple is sometimes best.
  9. If you were given the opportunity to move to another planet that could sustain life, would you?
    No, probably not. Hell, we’ve already done enough damage here, why go and destroy something else pure. Besides they’re probably already out there shaking their heads at us in disappointment…I remember a Twilight Zone episode about this.
  10. What made you start blogging?
    Blogging began for me as a way to share my recipes with others. I don’t really have friends that I ‘hang out with’ or anything like that, it’s just us; so it’s rare for me to interact with people that have like minds. I enjoy cooking – okay…I’m obsessed with cooking and food. Blogging has been a great way for me to meet new people, share my creations in hopes to inspire others.——————-

    1. What made you decide to become a Vegan/vegetarian // pursue a Zero Waste Lifestyle?

    Knowledge. We were vegetarian first then in 2011 our quest for knowledge and awareness brought us to become Vegan: Articles, Books, Documentaries – one day it just clicked. I didn’t do it the traditional – ease into it way either; when I say it clicked it did and out went all the animal products. It started out for health purposes with us, but after learning so much over the years…becoming aware of animal cruelty and suffering has only solidified and reinforced our choice. Animals feel – they’re smart and there is no reason to consume them for our survival. Animal cruelty is not limited to someone starving their pets, cock-fighting or neglecting them in a feces laden hoarding home…as seen on T.V. when the SPCA comes in breaking down doors. Their lives are not trivial and meaningless. Some people are cynical. Sorry for being long-winded – oh man that was only #1.
    What’s the best tip you can give someone starting out on the Vegan // Zero Waste Journey?
    This is a lifestyle change just something to always keep in mind. Speaking of mind…it’s a powerful thing. Stay focused, be open-minded and learn as much as possible.
    3. How has being a blogger changed your world view?
    Blogging has been quite an experience. It has been so incredible to connect with people from so many different countries around the world. It’s fascinating to read about different views on life, love, religion etc. However, since I’m a Food Blogger I typically come across different foods – so learning about new ingredients that are not local to me is pretty neat.
    4. How did you come up with your blog’s name?
    Vegan Rescue came about as a play off my husband’s blog name – Human Rescue. He writes opinions, letters, complaints, poetry and sometimes rants as he puts it about real things. Coming up with the name sounds simple enough, but for me it honestly wasn’t that easy.

    5. What is your favourite Vegan Recipe or Restaurant // Favourtie ZW Product, Recipe or Shop?
    Ow, this one is as tough as the music question… I love all my pasta dishes, Puerto Rican dishes and dessert! Yummy – brownies, cakes, my carrot cake! Yes, Carrot Cake.
    6. Name the essential ingredients of a good blog according to you.
    Follow, Read, Comment, Post and Respond. Seriously though…You’re interacting with people. People with different backgrounds, life experiences. I say learn as much as possible. Be Social 🙂
    7. What was the worst and best reaction from someone when they found out about your lifestyle choice?
    The best reaction would be from not necessarily the reaction of the lifestyle choice where someone is giving me the big thumbs up – excellent choice…pat on the back…you’re doing a great job for your health, the animals and planet (I’m still waiting for this reaction). But if I had to pick the best it would be seeing the reaction of people eating my food. I love it! The smile and mouthgasms…that excites me and makes me feel proud. The Worst reaction is tied – it’s hard to pick from the Pediatrician making the kids feel (less than) during a physical. Asking them things like…What exactly do you eat then? Or how does it make you feel during lunch time around your friends at school? – Yes, that really happened, a trained medical professional? The pediatrician is tied with a family member who had to ask me and also had to “double check” with the kids that they were eating… as if they’re starving. All this food I make. [smh] Yes, that happened too.
    8. If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
    People’s Perspective… but that’s only my initial reaction because I just got finish answering the worst a few minutes ago. But my real answer is end World Hunger and Homelessness. It’s just something that doesn’t have to be.
    9. Do you have any pets? what are their names? (off topic question, but I like to see other’s pets. hehe)
    Yes, Beanie (Chihuahua) and Brody (Puggle). I never had pets growing up (dogs or cats) Beanie was my first dog ever and we got Brody a year later (he was a stray so we celebrate his adopted birthday). Two loves! –Here’s a link to a post with pics of our two monkeys. 🙂
    10. What inspires you?
    My family – My husband and Children. Food inspires me also in the kitchen and with blogging. Sometimes one ingredient will spark my mind to make something fabulous. Other times it’ll be a special request from the kids or my husband! 🙂

My Nominations:
Plant Based Culture
Oh, She Cooks!
The AntiRamen
The Vegan Lily
Deviliciously Raw
Cooking to Heal Me
Vegan Needs
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Pleasant Peasant Cuisine

My Questions for you:

  1. What is your favorite comfort food?
  2. What is your dream job?
  3. What is your favorite way to unwind after a long week?
  4. What inspired you to become a blogger?
  5. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?
  6. Do you have any hobbies (other than blogging)?
  7. What is your biggest fear?
  8. What is the best advice you would give yourself 10 years ago?
  9. How long have you been blogging?
  10. What is your favorite blog post?

Starlight Blogger Award!!

Starlight Blogger Award

I want to take a moment to thank Michael @ ThisVeganLife for nominating me for the Starlight Blogger award. His blog … is very informative. If ever you need more information on vitamins, minerals and nutrients his blog has it. I’m very humbled to accept the award and very much appreciate the compliment that came with the nomination.

This Award is created to highlight and promote Inspiring Bloggers.

This Award is created to highlight and promote Inspiring Bloggers.


  1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you for the award.
  2. Answer the questions set to you and then you may create your set of questions for your nominees.
  3. Nominate other bloggers. (You may notify them to make them aware)

My Questions & Answers:

1. What is your perfect date?
The perfect date has to have good food, right? Oh but of course. Now throw in the perfect ambiance and great service…I’m hooked. 🙂 I obviously love food but dining at a fancy shamncy upscale restaurant tops the chart. I often talk about date nights with my hubby and fine dining – I love getting dressed up for a night on the town. I enjoy the city – Philadelphia/New York are my favs. Dinner (with great dinner convo), some good cocktails, maybe a little dancing or show. Score!

2. If you could meet anybody in the world, fictional or not, who would it be and why?
Hmm, this one is a little tough only because there are several. Jesus hands down – I’d love to just sit and chat. If He could at least impart one droplet of his wisdom and peace. Teachings that have not been re-written in the Word… if I had to pick one.
Some honorable mentions: Barack Obama, I mean c’mon he’s the President, that would be so neat; Jim Morrison, how cool would it be hang out with him and get inside his mind for just one conversation – poetic; or how about Kurt Cobain – you left us too soon. Since my ❤ for musicians is showing maybe Maynard James Keenan so I can personally ask the burning question that so many fans have already asked…when can we get another Tool album, pleeeeeaaaasssseeee! Some others too many to name individually – I’d love to meet some Celebrity Chef(s) in person, that would make my day. It would be fantastic to meet and venture with some real Activists – people that are compassionate about world hunger and cruelty, I’m not talking about the ones with a personal agenda for world domination. This world could be such a better place.
If I had to pick one living…I already met him (Seth)…My soul mate.
Wait…did I even answer the question… lol? Yes, Jesus Christ 🙂

My Nominees:

Seth: My #1 inspiration for even venturing out to blog in the first place. As I’ve mentioned in my “About” Seth is an ardent photographer, his ability to capture a story through a lens is phenomenal. An amazing writer, published author [can’t wait for him to release his next book], he’s articulate and always inspiring. Even the name ‘Vegan Rescue’ was a play off his blog ‘Human Rescue’ …I know I’m so original right?… but in my defense it felt like naming a baby or pet and after hundreds of names, once I decided to include my inspiration Vegan Rescue was realized. Both blogs pack a punch. SBWImaging – which encompasses Words are Not Enough – includes his photography along with a story…poetry…opinions…facts…a journalistic view. Although more recently he’s been working on Words are Not Enough and his latest book release. His original blog Human Rescue – Letters, Opinions, Complaints and Rants – is a good read. This blog is exactly what the title suggests and includes posts about Food, the Food Industry, Politics/Government and People – the Human Race. Both links below are worth checking out, enjoy! I’m also including link to his Leica page to check out some photos too if you wish. and

Mladen & Milica @ . I enjoy their raw and colorful dishes. They discuss the raw lifestyle and their vibrant dishes always look delectable.

Lauren @: . I truly enjoy reading her blog posts and checking out her clean eating recipes. There’s often an ingredient that is highlighted in her recipe, whether an apple, strawberries or rhubarb for example. Keep writing Lauren 🙂

Erin & Sasha with . C’mon what a clever name alone. Healthy selections; their recipes look so fresh and enticing. Some recipes cookbook inspired and recreated.

Louise @ . Who else would give you a banana split for breakfast? Louise will along with other amazing food and fresh ideas. Not to mention she has a pretty sizable facebook following, lol. I look forward to her posts and creations.

ELE – Eat.Live.Escape @ .Travel, Food and some very appetizing recipes. Did I mention you get to travel around the world with them? – Beautiful photographs that bring you right in and like the name suggests…allows you to escape.

Questions for my Nominees:

1. Favorite Kind of Music & Artist in that Genre?
2. What is your Favorite Comfort Food?
3. If you could end world hunger, you would…..?


Nominations Rules:
Nominate your 6 favorite bloggers! In your nominees I would like for you to think at the light emanating from the stars the ones that truly touch your soul with their work, the ones that are the light for you a true STARLIGHT Blogger.

Rules for the STARLIGHT Blogger Award:
-Thank the giver and link their blog to your post.
-Answer the 3 questions given to you.
-Please pass the award on to 6 or more other bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated by you.
-Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog please never alter the logo and never change the rules.

Blogging from A to Z Challenge

Blogging from A to Z…Challenge Accepted! Check out the following link here if you’re interested in the challenge, excellent concept Arlee Bird at Tossing It Out! There is also a sign up list here. This is really going to be a challenge for me, but I enjoy a good challenge and LOVE food. I’m going to get my day started and head off to work shortly, however, I will check back this evening beginning with the letter “A”. The challenge is essentially putting up a blog post everyday in April, except Sundays, beginning with the letter “A” on April 1st, then “B” etc.
I’m excited to take on this challenge, my theme will definitely be food. It may be in the capacity of a recipe daily or a food related topic, we’ll see.  The letter “A” will be the first post maybe about Apples, Almonds, Artichokes or maybe Asparagus…check back later.

Blogging from A to Z Challenge