Mofongo (Fried Plantain Dish)

Mofongo (Fried Plantain Dish)
(Serves 4) – Vegan / Gluten-Free (using GF Panko or omit)

Vegan Mofongo with Coconut Bacon

Vegan Mofongo with Coconut Bacon

Mofongo is another classic Puerto Rican dish made with plantains and typically made with Chicharrón (Fried Pork Skins aka Pork Rinds). I’ve never had chicharrónes, so I can’t say that I know what they taste, which means I’ve never had Mofongo in its traditional form with pork. Mofongo is typically also made using a pilón (wooden mortar and pestle). Since I realize not many people may own a pilón, let alone know what it is, this recipe is made without using one. However, if you have one use it, since a pilón is made of wood over time it absorbs the flavors of the ingredients that have been prepared in it over the years (mashed garlic, olive oil etc.) this in turn will enhance the flavor of your dish. Have you ever chopped up garlic on your wood cutting board, and then washed it and it still smelled like garlic afterwards – similar concept. Since this version is already omitting the pork and not using a pilón either, I wanted to maintain the concept. You can surely just mash everything up in a bowl instead of the cutting board, however, since I took the time to make the garlic into a paste I want to be sure to incorporate all that flavor from the cutting board so I mash the plantains first on my cutting board into the garlic before transferring into a bowl to combine the remaining ingredients. I absolutely love how garlicky this recipe is.
Vegan Mofongo
Tostones (Prepared using 4 Plantains)
2 Cups Coconut Bacon, see recipe
9 Garlic Cloves, mashed
2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
½ Tbsp Salt
1 Cup Vegetable Broth
1/3 Cup Panko Bread Crumbs + 1 Tsp Liquid Smoke, Optional

-Prepare Tostones – see recipe here.
-If using pilón – mash garlic, olive oil and salt then add Tostones (about 6-8 per person).
-Without a pilón – begin by chopping garlic on cutting board, once chopped add olive oil and salt and continue mashing into a paste. Continue passing your knife in a dragging motion.
Garlic Paste
-Divide garlic evenly on cutting board. With a potato masher begin mashing tostones into garlic (about 6-8 pieces per person).
-Once mashed transfer to bowl and combine with remaining ingredients. I divide up evenly, for example ¼ cup broth per.
-Toast panko over medium heat in a dry pan for a couple minutes until lightly toasted, fold into mofongo mixture.

-Remove from bowl and form into a ball, serve as a side or main entrée.

-Instead of using completed flattened tostones. Fry plantains 1-inch pieces about 7 minutes on each side and mash/incorporate from there with remaining ingredients.
-Once all ingredients have been incorporated you can fry a second time the completed mofongo ball for a couple minutes.


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